After our trip to Phoenix, we went to Disneyland for four days.  It was so good to spend time with all of us together: Kyle & Sarah, with their exchange student Diana, and Ryan & Janel.  Daniel & David got a bit of bonding time with the rest of the family.  And, of course, it was Disneyland so you know we had to have a good time!

As far as the rides are concerned, Daniel is always ready and eager to head to the biggest, the fastest and the scariest!  David takes a bit of time to warm up to some of the rides, but then he jumps right on board as well.  At times, the stimulus-overload introduced some challenges as the whole experience can be a bit overwhelming.  Keep in mind that these boys are less than two years removed from their situation in Ethiopia.  But, all in all, we had a great time.

Click the photo above to see some of the favorites from our cameras.  Click the one below to see the photos taken by Disney photographers on Photopass.

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  1. Such a small world. We are a fellow adoptive family from YWAM and I noticed on your blog-roll the Claxton Family. Our small church in rural Arizona supports them! That is so cool!

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