First Day of School – 2011

Our home was a flurry of excitement on September 1, 2011!  Happy boys woke early with huge smiles.  The noise level was high and full of positive energy as they pondered in great anticipation what their classrooms would be like.  At Karshner, each classroom adopts a university.  The students are all college bound!  David has the same teacher Daniel did in 3rd grade, so Daniel, of course, was telling David all about 3rd grade, including the classroom cheer!  Go Cowboys!!  David can’t wait to wear his cowboy hat when his class does the University of Wyoming cheer!  Daniel’s classroom is the University of Washington (UW Huskies).  Daniel was sporting his Huskies wrist band and is excited to learn the cheer and wear his new UW t-shirt.  In the midst of the excitement, mom struggled to keep them focused on chores, breakfast, etc. while trying to get ready herself, all the while lamenting the end of a simply wonderfully balanced summer filled with great moments and memories.  By the way, we did get out the door in time…. and the boys looked so handsome and happy sporting their new backpacks! (see pictures)


2 thoughts on “First Day of School – 2011

  1. Hey all, I just now caught up on your blog — what great pictures and what a busy, fun summer!! (Thanks for mentioning me, and even though it was crazy, I loved loved loved spending time with you guys!). The boys have some pretty fantastic teachers this year, so I’m sure it will be great! Goooo Tigers…Dream BIG! 🙂

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