District Track Meet


The Puyallup School District held its annual elementary school track meet, with competitors from 21 elementary students in grades 4-6.  David will get to participate next year; Daniel had a thoroughly enjoyable day today.  First, he placed 2nd in the long jump (grades 4-5).  Then, he anchored the relay team.  They had a bit of a rough exchange on the first passing of the baton, but still finished 7th overall (two teams per school).  Finally, the event he has been waiting weeks for – the 800 meter run.  Daniel is very aware of the rich tradition of Ethiopian distance runners, and in a way, I think his success in this area helps him feel connected to his native land and culture.  He is a gifted runner and it showed as he worked his way to the front of the pack and then pulled away for an impressive first place finish!  Click the photo above to see more.  Watch the video, which includes all three events.

One thought on “District Track Meet

  1. Wow! He’s on fire. I wondered for a minute if the other runners dropped out of the race. At 4yo, our Elisha is showing signs of being a good runner. We’ll be starting him off with a one week soccer camp this summer. We’ll see! Way to go Daniel!

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