Birthday Party 2012

As in previous years, we were pleased to host a gathering / fundraiser to honor the boys on their birthdays.  Our goal is to continue to connect them with their heritage, and to teach them that there are things they can do help other kids that are currently in the situation our boys were in just a few short years ago.  We ask our family and friends to consider donating funds to support the orphanage in Ethiopia as a birthday gift.  We also gather at Bradley Lake Park so all the kids can run around, kick a soccer ball, and do the other things they like to do (and, really, there’s nothing they like to do more than kick a soccer ball).

This year, we had amazing weather (last year we had a downpour).  And we were (are) overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends.  Thank you to everyone who helped us raise about $1,500 for Adoption Ministry’s Orphan & Widows Home.  The orphanage provides a safe place for many who desperately need one.  And it united us with our sons!