Last Day of Elementary School


The BIG DAY finally came – Daniel’s last day at Karshner Elementary School (and David’s last day of 4th grade). Karshner sends their graduates off in grand fashion, with an assembly on the last day which includes the entire staff lining up to celebrate the kids.

It’s amazing to think of how much growth and learning has taken place during the 3 1/2 years Daniel spent at Karshner. When he started, in January 2010, he spoke little English and had virtually none of the home and family experiences that his classmates had. He jumped in to the middle of third grade with much less preparation than all of the kindergartners.  He barely knew his parents and, I’m quite certain, did not yet have a grasp that his new family and living situation would last. He was surrounded by kids who didn’t exactly look like him, yet they were kids! They loved him and accepted him and he thrived!

Over time, they would experience his tremendous contributions.  We think of Daniel’s athletic skill and achievements and I think that helped him build relationships.  But Daniel’s huge heart and concern for others, and for doing what is right, is what really drives him and has led to his tremendous success.

Thank you so much to the staff, volunteers, and students of Karshner Elementary School.

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