Daniel & David

Above all else, our prayer for the boys has always been that they will follow the Lord their whole lives. When we first adopted them, we were thrilled to learn that they had both accepted Jesus as savior and lord of their lives.  We quickly became aware that they were quite familiar with the Bible.  Both have demonstrated wisdom – Daniel to a very impressive degree – and an ability to apply Biblical principles to every day life.

So it was really not a huge surprise when they expressed interest in being baptized. But it was a huge joy!  Our friend and pastor, Paul Moffett, performed the baptisms.  Paul wrote one of our reference letters leading up to adoption, so it was a special treat all around.  As he spoke with the boys, he mentioned our personal history as well as the story of the Ethiopian official mentioned in the book of Acts.  Ethiopia was one of the earliest places to receive the gospel, so we think of our boys as spiritual descendants of that man.