Vacation – Day 1

We’ll post our summer vacation photos (& video?) in a series of updates.  Once again, we went to Oahu, but this time Janel & Ryan were able to join us!  We had an incredible time with them.  The boys love spending time with their sisters and brothers-in-law.  And, of course, it was Hawaii so the weather was perfect and the surroundings beautiful.

This year, we tacked an extra day at the beginning of the vacation before we went to the condo.  We spent that first day in Waikiki and all four of the “kids” took a surfing lesson from Big Wave Dave’s Surf Shop.  All four of them got up on their boards and managed to look rather proficient out there.  They also got to go in an outrigger canoe.

After surfing, we spent some more time in Honolulu and Waikiki before heading out to Ko Olina.

We’ve got a bunch of great pictures out there – click the one shown to see the rest. And enjoy this short video.