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Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Eph 5:33

We have been married almost 33 years and are still very much in love.  We love to serve the Lord, and have a heart to see married couples experience the best that God has for them. To that end, we have been active in various ministries at  Lighthouse Christian Center.  We also have a heart for children.  In 2008 we earned our Foster License, but God closed the door on Foster Parenting for us.  To our surprise, He has clearly called us to adopt… from Ethiopia!  We submitted our application January of 2009 and traveled to Ethiopia to bring Daniel (now 11) and David (now 9) home in September 2009.   We are once again a household of four and learning to adjust to our “new normal” and the challenges that go along with raising two older boys.  Read “Us, Adopt?” to learn how and why we embarked on this journey and follow the main blog page for updates.

Randy is active in the Technical (sound) Ministry at Lighthouse, working with the kids’ program.  After spending the better part of 26 years working for the same company, he began a new phase in his professional life as Director of Information Technology for the Puyallup School District.  He thoroughly enjoys his job – especially being back in education, where he thought he’d end up after high school.  He is a group leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  He enjoys baseball (of course), sailing occasionally, technical gadgets, and working in the yard.  He is enjoying having kids at home again!!

Sary-Jo continues to attend BSF (this is her 10th year).  This is her second time through the study of the Acts of the Apostles.  She loves the historical and social backgrounds, original language meanings, and inter-connections of various passages, people, and books that the notes offer.  The questions can be challenging and the lectures provide food for thought and meaningful applications.  At Lighthouse she volunteers in children’s ministries.  She is fortunate to work at Karshner Elementary, our neighborhood school, where she enjoys her small reading groups (grades first to sixth).  She loves her schedule  – part time/mornings – as it allows her time to run errands and take care of household responsibilities before the boys get out of school and “mom school” begins.   Sary-Jo is basically a homebody and a mom at heart.

Sarah and Kyle live in Charleston, SC.  Kyle is a C-17 pilot with the United States Air Force.  He is currently adding another aircraft as he is in training to fly the MC-12 in preparation for upcoming deployment.  He fishes whenever possible.  Sarah works for Cultural Homestay International.  In South Carolina she continues to match foreign exchange students with host families as well as develop this new territory for CHI.   Both of them enjoy camping and cooking.  They are doing well but we miss them.  Sara, from Spain, has joined their household this school year.

Janel and Ryan live in San Mateo, CA.  She completed her Sign Language training and worked as an interpreter in her local school district.  This year, she was hired as a teacher of American Sign Language at Mid-Peninsula High School!  She is excited and is a gifted teacher (Sary-Jo recently saw her in action)!  She is also the cheer coach for Capuchino High School in San Bruno.  Ryan has a technical support job with a business software firm.  They are avid Giants fans.  As with Sarah and Kyle, we wish they lived nearby so we could see them more often.

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